My reserach program is an expedition into the rich tapestry of social and person perception, dissecting how these perceptions are crafted, altered, and varied across different social contexts. Rooted in a multidisciplinary approach, the program stretches across the realms of social psychology, vision science, and cognitive neuroscience, bringing forth a nuanced understanding of the dynamic and complex processes involved in social perception.

The first line of research orbits around the dynamic nature of person perception, investigating how new experiences and corresponding knowledge shift person judgments. The second line ventures into the realm of variabilities in social perceptions, examining regional and individual differences, with an emphasis on the developmental and cultural origins of these variabilities. The third line dives into the stereotypical biases ingrained in social perceptions, extending into practical realms by exploring self-presentation strategies against societal stereotypes among marginalized groups. Click on any of the embedded links to find out more.

Together, these research lines are synergistically aimed at advancing the theoretical and practical understanding of social perception processes. This concerted effort not only enriches academic discourse but also holds promise in proposing effective strategies to address social biases and improve interpersonal relations in a progressively interconnected world.